Supplying Western Australia's flooring and marine industries since 2005

Baysouth is a Perth-based flooring and marine product distributor serving Western Australia and Northern Territory, distributing brands such as Propspeed, Ultralon and Zodiac.

Baysouth is an authorised distributor for these brands



The original propeller and running gear foul release coating system. Propspeed's anti fouling marine coating has been specially formulated to stop marine growth from adhering to metal surfaces below the waterline.

Environmentally friendly, Propspeed does not contain toxic substances such as copper or tin that can be harmful to marine life. It’s also longer lasting than other solutions, often lasting more than a year depending on factors such as water temperature, marine environment and frequency of use.

We distrubute the entire Propspeed range including Propspeed Kits, Primer Kits, Propstrip, Propprep & Propclean Wipes, and Stirring Wheels

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Cathodic Anodes Australia

Cathodic Anodes Australia

Over 95% of our anodes (by weight) are Australian Made. By purchasing our anodes you are not just supporting CAA, you are supporting Australian primary metal manufacturers.

Anodes protect billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure around Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South East Asia. Cathodic Anodes Australasia (CAA) manufacture industrial anodes for offshore oil rigs, mining, construction and pipelines as well as for the protection of infrastructure such as ports, wharves, boats, yachts, ships, marine motors, tanks and hot water systems.

Baysouth distributes Block, Teardrop, Rudder, Trim Tab and Thruster Anodes.

Zodiac Boats


As the ideal companion for escaping routine, a Zodiac boat is the safest way to discover all the pleasures of boating.

Multipurpose, Fun, Accessible.

Unrivaled stability, a large open deck area and well-thought-out accessories, make your Zodiac boat the ideal platform for fishing.

Take advantage of the load capacity of Zodiac boats to add a robust dinghy that can be easily stowed.

With an unrivaled weight/power ratio and hulls that were carefully designed for crossing waves, your Zodiac will make you rediscover the joys of boating.

Ultralon Marine Foam

Ultralon Marine Foam

Ultralon develops and manufactures high quality closed-cell, cross-linked PE and EVA foams, suitable for a broad range of applications.

Renowned for their consistently fine cell structure, even density and even colour dispersion through the sheet, Ultralon low-weight PE and EVA foams also offer a high level of insulation, minimal water absorption and excellent toughness.

Baysouth distributes Ultralon U-Dek Laminated deck tread, which offers a smart-looking solution for the boat owner who wants a long lasting, low maintenance plank-look flooring.

U-Fend boat fenders offer excellent shock absorption when docking or tying boat to boat. Made from hard wearing EVA foam with a non-marking PE outer, fenders won’t puncture or deflate.